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    h_antifoulingSouth Shore Marinas are home to some of the best marine and boat maintenance services. If you value your prized possession (your boat), you can only entrust the best professionals for maintenance. Regular check-ups and upgrades are a must to ensure longevity.

    Therefore, you need to identify and enlist the help of professionals that can provide you with the highest quality upkeep of your boat. There are multiple boat maintenance and marine service professionals that are committed to consistency and excellence. If they set the mark in boat maintenance, you can depend on them to provide quality services.

    Some of the services provided by South Shore Marine Services includes fiberglass repair, appearance care, supplying marine parts, engine repair, structural repair, as well as inspection services, among many others.

    The Best Services, Guaranteed

    maragkodoyleiesOur services have helped build long standing relations with our clients and build great relationships with the community. We are also in the business of providing professional guidance. We care for our customers and ensure we set them on the right course of action as far as proactive maintenance is concerned. With us, you can be assured of an all-round, professional boat maintenance experience.

    Although marine engines are well-made, they require a little pick-me-up every once in a while. Our marine engine repair and maintenance services will leave you satisfied. We repair and service marine engines properly. Once checked by us, you can be assured of trouble-free operations for a few years. Our qualified marine technicians will get on the job and give you a detailed analysis of the problem, and a remedy to fix it.


    The Financial Aspect

    Man polishing boat in workshop
    Man polishing boat in workshop

    The company also provides financial advice and help to customers interested in our services and the options that they have for their particular need. We are here to help you out at the lowest possible price. When you are considering repairs or upgrades on your boat, we give you as many options as possible. Our customer service advisor will take you through the options available step by step to help you find the best option for you. We even provide financing options on a situation by situation basis.

    If you have a question related to financing, our experts are only a call away. You can also see our website for more information.

    Customer Loyalty

    keep-her-clean-regular-washing-can-increase-the-longevity-of-the-gel-coat-and-stainlessSince 1989, we have built a strong customer base. Our patrons have given us glowing reviews. Our sales, finance and service teams work together to ensure a wholesome experience. Therefore, we have always delivered on our word. Excellence is in our company DNA.

    We believe in maintaining a pleasant work environment. Our facility is modern, clean and well-equipped. Our staff works tirelessly to ensure you boat engine never runs out of steam! Therefore, we provide only the best customer experience anywhere in South Beach.

    From financing to arranging transportation and providing warrantees for all of our maintenance work, we do it all. We will even visit a dock if the customer requires us to do so. We will help “show you the ropes” to ensure you are never left stranded at sea.


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  • How to Become a Trusted Boat Mechanic



    Boat mechanics, often called marine mechanics, marine technicians, or motorboat mechanics, can become certified, just as auto mechanics can choose to become ASE-certified. These professionals typically repair and/or maintain both outboard engines on smaller boats and the more complex inboard engines on powerboats and yachts.

    Boat Mechanic Career Necessities

    The following are typical requirements to earn marine mechanic certification.

    • Education level: Post-secondary technical training is highly recommended.
    • Study field: Marine mechanics
    • Training and/or experience necessary: Many employers offer on-the-job training after your study of marine mechanics, but some employers want a year or two of real world experience, also.
    • Certification: Voluntary, but recommended.
    • Primary skills needed: Mechanical, dexterity, troubleshooting, and eye-hand coordination skills are common to all effective boat mechanics.
    • Median/Average salary: Over $37,000*; sometimes much more for the best marine mechanics.

    * Note: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015
    Typical Steps to Marine Mechanic Certification

    There are usual progressive steps to choose a boat mechanic career. These steps are noted below.

    1. Take post-secondary vocational classes, studying motorboat repair and maintenance. Getting this education is attractive to prospective employers because it reduces the burden and cost of providing on-the-job training for rookie marine mechanics. These courses usually are short-term programs, rarely lasting longer than two to three weeks.
    2. Get some work experience. Out of the classroom, real world experience tends to “fill in the blanks” of the subjects not sufficiently covered in formal school training courses.

    Take some relevant certification classes. Build your knowledge by taking certification classes offered by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC). You’ll have multiple choices for courses

    1. that focus directly on marine mechanics, such as gasoline and diesel engines, marine corrosion sources, and some manufacturer-targeted classes, e.g., Mercury Marine products. ABYC courses typically include two- to four-day seminars which are followed by certification exams.
    2. Once certified, recertify (every five years) to keep your certifications current and active. Recertification requires simply taking an online exam.
    3. Optional: Boost your career options by earning Master Certification. You can achieve this level by successfully completing at least three certification courses. When you do this, you’ll be an ABYC Master Technician.


    Your lifestyle as a boat mechanic will not be outrageously wild nor incredibly boring. Depending on where you work (four season climate versus one- or two-season environment), you’ll have some workdays that are relaxed (middle of the boating season) and some that are incredibly hectic (beginning of the boating season.

    Your lifestyle depends somewhat on what type of marine engines you typically repair or tune up (outboards or inboards). If you work on outboards, most owners get the engines to you, so you can control the environment, maybe even work indoors. Should you work primarily on inboards, your “patients” will be in the water or in dry-docks. Either way, you’ll be working outdoors, in the cold, heat, or rain.

    You should earn enough compensation to enjoy a middle class lifestyle. If you repair yacht engines, you’ll get to enjoy some free yacht rides to test your repairs. Should you typically work on large yacht engines, you will earn more.

    Getting Parts

    Unless a customer has an antique or very rare watercraft, most common parts are readily available from reliable parts suppliers. You may also learn over time that the part costing $15 from a trusted parts supplier, but $50 from the manufacturer has little or no difference (particularly important if you work for yourself).


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  • Boat maintenance tips from South Shore Marine Services  


    maintenanceFeaturedImgOwning a boat comes with its own responsibilities and maintaining a boat through cleaning and maintenance is one of them. As a boat owner, it is important that you are aware of proper maintenance techniques that will not only keep your boat attractive but also will keep it in top running condition for years. By using proper maitenance techniques, you will spend less money on repairs and keep up the value of your vessel for a long time period. Below, we will list some of the best tips that we have come to learn over the years, as one of the top rated Marine services dealers in the industry.

    pvcsyntheticboatdeckThe basic maintenance you should never forget to do is to clean your boat with vinegar, soap, and water after every trip. Remember that the salt water mixed with various chemicals can do a lot of harm to the outer body and you have to avidly clean your boat after use to keep these harmful chemicals from damaging your vessel. Remember to not only clean the exterior, but to also clean the interiors as well, because they can get just as dirty and sticky due to the moisture and use. Make sure you clean the fabric and glass surface along with metal areas with proper cleaning supplies such as Windex, after scrubbing it down with vinegar. There are multiple natural cleaning supplies that you can use if you are worried about the environment and want to use natural cleaning products.

    TrimTab_MaintenanceInstead of using harsh chemicals, you can use scrubbing brushes and cleaning pads to eliminate dirt particles. Avoid using any bleaching agents as they can damage the surface in the long run. Make sure to clean every corner as the minerals can get deposited in this area and lead to corrosion. You should pay special attention to the fuel tank and fuel line, as they are prone to corrosion and extremely expensive to fix.

    Technicians at South Shore Marine services also advise boat owners to wax their boats after washing them so that they can retain the shine for a longer time. Make sure to use heavy duty waxes that can withstand rough weather conditions. It will prevent the surface from getting damaged due to salt water and also guard it from UV rays. If your boat has a glossy finish, it becomes even more important to get a deep shine so that it looks attractive even after a long period of time.

    How-to-Clean-a-Boat-3Along with all these maintenance tips, do not forget to check the engine frequently. You should take care of any issues with spark plugs immediately and change them whenever you notice an issue. Also, don’t forget to change oil filters and apply grease to the engine after using them for few days. If you are a bit confuse and not sure about doing all these things yourself, you can contact us at South Shore Marine Services and we will be happy to help you maintain your vessel to the pristine condition it deserves. We also perform repairs and any modification you request. We also have access to great suppliers and can provide you with spare parts if you prefer to work on your boat yourself. Apart from that, we are a proud dealer of several styles of used and new boats and other marine vehicles. Please contact us directly for more information or with any questions.…

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  • How To Find a Good Marine and Boating Specialist


    Master-your-boat-maintenance-procedures-this-summerIf you love the ocean and are looking to invest in a boat, finding a good marine and boating specialist is imperative. When looking for a marine and boating specialist, you need to ensure they will be able to help answer your queries.


    Marine and boating specialists should have a passion for boating.  If they hope to convince you to buy boating products, they would require an in-depth knowledge about related products and services. Therefore, when a specialist possesses sound mechanical and engineering knowledge about boats, you will be able to trust the information provided.  Also, most boating and marine specialists have good people skills and have the ability to tailor packages to suit your specificrequirements, giving you exactly what you want. Establishing rapport will not be difficult once a bond of trust develops.40_N_out-cop-1_l


    A good marine and boating specialist will be able to provide a comprehensive range of Marine products, accessories and services – from outboard motors to power boats and fishing tackle, in addition to recreational water sports equipment. They will also be able to provide in-depth details about the use of equipment, and how hazards can be avoided by following safety precautions.


    How to look for a marine and boating specialist? They should be able to perform repair services all-round. The best ones will constantly educate themselves to ensure they stay informed about latest changes in the industry.


    all-mountain-marine-lake-tahoe-nevada-california-salvage-boatWhen choosing a marine and boat specialist, you will need to ensure that they possess extensive experience as far as providing maintenance services are concerned. If customer service tops their priority list, they will also provide mobile boat repair services. They will also dedicate their resources to meet requirements by visiting the marina, dock, or home in the area of the customer.They will not just focus on making a profit, butwant to inform boat owners aboutmaintaining and taking care of their investments.


    A good boat and marine specialist should be resourceful. They should be able to offer storage services,while also ensuring wet and dry slips. It is imperative that you find a specialist that meets your requirements. A certified specialist is a specialist you can trust. While experience does count, a certified specialist will ensure security.You need to be able to trust him or her wholeheartedly before you entrust your boat to them. A thorough background check is also an essential step before enlisting their help.

    Owning a boat requires maintenance. Therefore, finding a knowledgeable and trustworthy marine and boat specialist is imperative. The maintenance part requires an experienced hand to look into the nitty-gritty.If you do not take heed, maintenance costs could burn ahole in your pocket. Most boat parts are hard to come by, and can be quite expensive. If you value the best professional help you can get,then you need to find and stick to a boat and marine specialist that provides the best services.Building a symbiotic partnership will ensure a fruitful and longstanding client-customer relationship.…