The yacht rental business is doing well

Thanks to new and innovative players geared towards younger generations, the boat rental market is better than ever.

Embellished for the French boating industry

Boat and sailboat rental is enjoying a good time. Online platforms have blossomed and blown a fresh wind in the sails of a market that has always existed. "We are not boat rental companies, and we just give access to rental companies more easily," says a representative of an online boat rental agency. The start-up offers more than 22,000 boats worldwide, after having recently launched in the United States, it has just opened to professionals. This is also the case of several rental companies, another market player, which after focusing on individuals seeking to amortize their boat now attracts conventional renters and not professionals. "With these new customers we will exceed the 20,000 boats available," welcomes start-up companies working in this sector. "We help the pros to digitize, Google puts more and more local boxes, this type of SEO can attract people," he says in ink on this interview.

Why rents the yacht?

The explanation of this owner is simple. There is a lot of work to do when you have a boat, so to cover the cost of repairs and so on, we drop off our yacht charter with a complete equipment. Since it is a particular boat, the maintenance is impeccable, and there is a touch of soul in this boat. Which is totally different when you go through a specialized agency for this rental. You need less in advance to rent a boat, and there is only a rare boat that leaves without the crew of the agency. It is true that you have no worries, but you also have a nice amount of bills to pay at the end of the stay. You also do not have the right to return the boat late, even a few minutes at the time agreed in the contract, otherwise you will have a penalty, and it is often the deposit of departure that will not be returned in full. Yes, it's the protocol of a classic boat rental.

Note that the rail schedule for this year is almost full for this summer, that the reservation is still useful if you do not spend with a rental between individuals.

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